The Bail Process Explained In Costa Mesa

It isn’t surprising to learn that a lot of Americans are not familiar with what bail is, or what a bail bonds firm actually does. Many Americans may never have been arrested or even had a family member, or even a friend arrested. It is always advised to familiarize yourself with the terms, just in case this dilemma arises. It is also helpful to know that there is a professional bail bonds firm like ours to assist you.

It is important to understand what bail is, and what different kinds of bail there are. While most require a financial commitment on behalf of the defendant or family, there are those that do not. It is important to understand the different kinds of bail that are available. While there are those that don’t require the assistance of a good Bail Bonds Company such as ours, most certainly do.

Bail is the monetary amount set by a judge following the arrest of a defendant. In order to be released from custody until their trial, the full bail amount needs to be paid to the court. When a defendant can not raise the bail amount, most will turn to a Bail Bonds firm such as Costa Mesa Bail Bonds for assistance.

Different Types of Bail:

  • Recognizance – is granted when a judge determines that a defendant is not a flight risk, nor a threat to the community. The defendant is free to leave with no bail being required. The defendant is required to attend all scheduled court dates, or an arrest warrant will be issued, meaning the defendant has forfeited their free bail. This type of bail does not require the assistance of a Bail Bonds firm.

  • Cash Bond – is when the defendant, or their family can afford the entire amount of the bail without assistance. Providing the defendant attends all required court dates, this amount will be returned at the conclusion of the trial. Normally a bail bonds company is not required, however, due to the high amounts set for this type of bail, many will seek the guidance of a bail bonds firm.

  • Property Bond – is where the defendant, or someone acting on their behalf, puts up property as collateral against the amount of bail set by the judge. In this case, the property must be valued at over twice the amount set for bail. A Bail Bonds company is usually used in such cases.

  • Surety Bond – is probably the most common of all. This is known as a bail bond, and involves a third party paying for, or organizing bail for the defendant, and in doing so, assumes responsibility of the defendant. This is usually done via a Bail Bonds company.

  • Citation Release – is issued by the arresting officer, at the actual scene of the crime. The arrested person will be informed that they will be required to appear in court on a certain date, and are then free to go. No Bail Bonds company is required for this.

Should you, or a loved one end up in a situation of being arrested, call Costa Mesa Bail Bonds on (714) 333-2914. Our professional and compassionate staff will be more than happy to assist. We will be there for you right when you need us the most as we avail our services 24/7. You can find even more helpful information on our website.

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